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[London Paintings 20-22]

at my gallery

opening party 21st October, drinks from 5

340 Kings’s Road, SW3 5UR

RSVP essential 

a studio visit before the show can be arranged by request 😘

show runs till 30th October


This is part of a breakthrough I am making. It’s the idea of being much more explicit about the palette and the painting through dots of paint applied directly from the tube as they would be to the mixing palette. And then placing what I’m doing in a long line of artists looking at dots, spots, circles, spheres and points. In the end it’s about the elemental and the universal and how we - people - encapsulate that. And how artists continuously come back to this theme because it’s so basic. In a mind expanding way.


Mise en abyme is a formal technique of placing a copy of an image within itself, often in a way that suggests an infinitely recurring sequence. In film theory and literary theory, it refers to the technique of inserting a story within a story. The term is derived from heraldry and literally means placed into an abyss. For me it sort of summarises all art ever really.