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(in chronological order)

To Adventure

Through wicked dreams
and day long dreams
and moments lost to fantasy.
Down long night roads
and cobbled lanes, on motorbikes 
and searching planes,
there you are,
smiling softly singing
sweet seduction;
‘I can set you free if
you live nothing else but me’.
An orchestra accompanies
you inside my body, the world
roars impatiently, as time nods
inevitably. So come then,
I will live you always
and forsaking all others, 
follow you to the corners
of the earth. 
But will you be worth it
in the end I wonder,
when it turns out
she was perfect?

To Love

You’ve done me
a mischief
left me stood here 
with furious teeth
a hard beating jaw
eyes desperate 
to inflict you
an injury, all ignored 
by your grandeur
You a unique conqueror
and we as common
as each conquered

To London

I know you
don’t care, just
in sublime moments,
heavy pavement underfoot
your breath is
in my hair
nostrils throat, promising
yourself to me.

To Disappointment

You inflict
mediocrity so severe
sincere desperation
for more kicks in.
This isn’t living
is so unforgiving.
But you’ll watch
as I get back up
dine out on all my luck
dance till the sun comes up
What’s you name again?

To Loss

Breaking unannounced
you fall
across the enormity of this open sea
a sadness
pouring down
Abandoned memory
rocked to life
by waves kissing
the boat
conjure a sickeningly vivid
of the lives that you rewrote
Full of hope
I wish you goodbye
for the very last time
but you secretly
live on
in this mind of mine
a sleeping sorrow
as deep as you are blue -
There’s no losing you

To Dreams

Each morning you’re gone,
we’re done,
I don’t remember
neither do you.
As new
we flirt all day
take me away awhile…
I cannot stay.
You are in my way.
But I will have you back

reinvented, re-invited nightly
to my bed
my body my head
Fuck. I think I love you -

I hate you instead.

You will leave me when I need you most,
you will leave me when I’m dead.

To Impulse

There is no hiding
from you. No sleeping early tonight
can’t fight that promise
of adventure. Might try
but then you grab
me by the hair
stare through my eyes
into my chest,
kiss my heart let adrenaline
do the rest. Nothing exceeds
like excess. Without you
what would I be? Promise me
you’ll never leave, that in my weakest
moments you’ll find new heights and
Drag me glorious into that night

To Rain

Tracing the back
of my ear,
over that mole,
pausing, slightly, almost
imperceptibly to let
it’s deep brown
black consume you.
Under my jaw
down the front
of my neck,
a cold almost
silver touch to
that hollow where
my throat meets
my chest. Tiny.
Over my shoulders
now gripping my
clear white t-shirt
to the blades
caressing the small
of my back.
The clouds break,
the sky gasps, 
how the sun
sings in your 
wake now, diamonds
in the streets
and on the
cars, cement turned
marble sparkling roofs.
You are everyone’s
And mine alone.

To Time

Please leave.
Please leave.
Please leave me be.
This obsession must end.

you have presence a
fierce resonance impressed on
every element an
unrelenting caress that in
times of success I
confess means we fly
I digress.

Let this pass, us part.
I want to live
with the present

To Thoughts

We will live
together forever so
remember not all of
you are me